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LD PLUS Ltd. carries out international cargo transportation
to all EU countries and UK

We continuously develop and improve existing routes to ensure fast delivery
  • Bulgaria
    We provide cargo transportion in Bulgaria and deliver our goods to European countries
  • International
    We arrange the transportation of your cargo to all European
  • Cabotage
    Cargo transportation from point
    A to point B within a specific
Due to a sufficient number of foreign partners and a growing number of customers,
the geographical aspect of our international cargo transporation is expanding

Our company carries out cargo transportion with different levels of complexity

Thanks to our own fleet of vehicles and a well-developed network of subcontractors, we can arrange the transport of various cargoes anywhere in Europe.
  • Complete and groupage shipments
  • Irregular (one-time) and regular shipments
  • Express transportation of goods
  • Oversized cargo transportation

What do we ship?

We have sufficient experience in transporting various cargoes
transportation of loose and liquid cargoes
Bulk and liquid
transportation of clothes, shoes, accessories
Clothes, shoes,
transportation of medical equipment
transportation of automotive products
Automotive and aviation products
transportation of fragile goods
Fragile cargo
transportation of perishable goods
Perishable goods
transportation of furniture, Housemoving
Furniture and housemoving
transportation of danger goods ADR
Danger goods ADR
We are aware of the specific delivering of all kinds of goods,
which significantly improves the quality of our work.


Cargo transportation can be carried out by the following types of vehicles with a carrying capacity of 1,5-24 tons
There are of different sizes and configurations - express transport
Tented truck
Universal option for neutral
Transport of goods with temperature control
Maximum protection of the cargo on the road
Flatbed trucks
For weather-resistant
Tank trailer
For the transportation of gaseous and liquid cargoes
For specific routes we can provide other types of trucks
We are engaged not only in cargo transportation, but also collect cookies, because nothing works without them...
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