Each company on the international market needs storage services abroad. Storage is an important factor for developing an efficient supply chain. We will help you choose a warehouse in any country in Europe that has perfect location, size and cost, and also take into account all the storage characteristics of your goods.

LD PLUS LTD provides a range of Third Party Logistics services (3PL logistics)

We provide services from shipping and storage to order management and tracking.

Our tasks as a 3PL provider include organization and transport management, monitoring and management of leftovers, preparation of import and export documentation, storage, cargo handling and delivery to the end user

Warehousing services include

Most often warehousing services in Europe are ordered for goods consolidation - combining and grouping loads. Very popular is also the sorting of large loads into small batches for subsequent shipment to multiple owners. We perform:
  • Unloading and loading of goods
  • Goods transportation to warehouse
  • Goods distribution in the warehouse
  • Goods packing and labelling

We offer

Warehousing services in Europe that meet international standards
  • Storage
    Reliable storage of goods that meets their technological needs
  • Safety
    Guaranteed cargo safety during
    loading and unloading
  • Warehouses
    Warehouses of various sizes in the EU and UK
  • Efficiency
    Efficiency of order processing
  • Term
    Storage of your goods for different periods of time
  • Professionalism
    Professionalism of employees
You can order warehouse management services as a standalone service and as а part of a complex service for the transportation and subsequent storage of products.

Due to the comprehensive provision of logistics services for the shipping and storage of goods, it is possible to optimize and establish interaction between professionals. This allows you to work more effectively and efficiently. By outsourcing the logistics process to us, you eliminate additional costs.

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