The delivery of commercial cargo is entrusted to transport companies. Each of them determines their transport rates independently, but there are common calculation criteria. We will explain to you what is included in the cost of the cargo and how to calculate its delivery.

What is included in the shipping cost?

The main part of the shipping cost is the transportation cost. Calculating the cost of cargo transport by road depends on many factors:

Not only the number of kilometres is important, but also the type of transport. International road transport will always be more expensive than short distance transport. The road condition along the route is also taken into account. The cost may increase if the route passes through special zones. In addition, the cost will increase if there are many necessary stops along the route.
Transport costs
Fuel prices. Almost every time fuel prices change, the rates in the transportation sphere are adjusted.
Vehicle maintenance costs. Vehicle maintenance and repairs are very important factors that every transport company needs. Inspecting the vehicle, replacing consumables and worn parts – reliable companies always control the condition of their car fleet.
Type of cargo
Each shipping order is unique. Weight, value, dimensions, transport and storage temperature - there are many parameters. Therefore, it is impossible to calculate the freight cost independently.
Delivery time
Express delivery is always more expensive than standard delivery. The truck can travel on toll roads, which will shorten the route and reduce the delivery time of the cargo. If speed is important, then we recommend using compete transport, so you don't wait as you would with grouping option, but ship the goods immediately.
Additional factors
The need to seal the cargo, insurance, freight forwarding, cargo protection and even the time of year can all be included in the freight shipping cost as well.

The reputation of the transport company

A very important factor is the reputation of the transport company. Firms operating for more than a year, as a rule, set higher rates for transportation. But at the same time, such companies can provide guarantees for the safety of cargo, the professionalism of drivers, forwarders and logisticians, an optimally developed route and a high level of service. As a rule, very cheap transport services are provided either by completely new companies, which thus attract customers, or by one-day companies that can disappear with your cargo and money as suddenly as they appeared on the market.
the transport company

The conclusion is that it is impossible to calculate the cost of cargo in any company independently because there are many factors that affect the final price. To find out the exact price, you should contact our managers by phone +359 882 399 929 or write in the feedback form and our managers will contact you as soon as possible.

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